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Want to throw a summer party for your kids and their friends? How about a Carnival Party? This is a great summer party theme. The great outdoors, fun music, great game booths and yummy, easy to eat food. What more could you want?

It doesn’t have to be someone’s birthday to have a Carnival Party. It’s a great way of getting friends together and having a good time.

Carnival Food is straightforward, but perfect for the occasion: cotton candy, hotdogs, boxes of popcorn, and caramel apples.

Favourite carnival games include Hoopla, Coconut Shy, Duck Pond, Hit the Can and Toss Across. Homemade versions are easy to make, and not expensive. Re use soda bottles, empty food cans and cartons. Simply wash and dry them and add a little brightly colored paper or paint to make them look the part.

To make a carnival party booth is pretty easy. Small tables, draped with brightly colored cloths form the basic booth. Pin on signs telling your guests what each booth is. Use fancy writing and bright colors to make the booths look really appealing. String a little bunting across your yard, and add a few brightly colored balloons to make your yard, or garden, really look the part.

To add real atmosphere to your carnival party, don’t forget the music. Fun tunes, playing in the background, add another dimension to the party, and can really add the finishing touch to your party.

Now all you need are your guests. If you want to send invitations, make carnival ticket invitations which your guests have to bring to enter your party. Another idea is to blow up a regular balloon, write out your party details, then deflate the balloon. The person receiving the balloon invitation then has to blow it back up to get the party details! If you don’t want to send invitations, or don’t have time, email, text or phone your guests. They will be delighted to get the invitation, no matter how it arrives.

Fancy costumes are not essential for this party, but face paints can be fun. Get someone to volunteer as the ‘make up artist’ and have a face paint booth at the party. You just need a selection of face paints, a small table, draped with a brightly colored cloth to make it look pretty, and a chair for the kind volunteer.

If you want to give prizes my motto is keep them small and sweet. Most kids homes are overflowing with toys- they don’t really need anymore. Stick to small packets of candy and perhaps a small notebook and coloring pens.

Have a great time!

Lori has been planning events and parties for over 15 years. She’s organised and hosted everything from high profile celebratory events with over 400 guests, to home based family parties for her three children. Need more great Carnival Party ideas, then check out Carnival Birthday Party ideas [], and for party ideas for all occasions take a look at []

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