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Buying a backyard canopy is a choice that will last for many years and bring you and your family many memories. You must consider your options before you buy a canopy or gazebo if you are going to be happy with your purchase. That is what I am going to try to give you a few pointers about. I have bought a few different backyard canopies over the years and have learned some useful tips that are worth passing along.

Stationary Canopies or Permanently Installed Gazebos

This type of outdoor structure is intended to be assembled once and placed exactly where you put it together for life. Okay, maybe not for life, but for the life of the canopy. They typically take a couple of people and about an hour or so of your time for it to be assembled and installed. Some models are made of high density plastic and steel. Higher end models can be made from wood and even some iron components.

Portable, Quick Setup or Pop Up Canopies

Portable models, better known as pop up canopies, have become very popular these days for tailgating, backyard parties and even weddings. You will also find them at flea markets and craft shows. This type of outdoor covering has taken the place of the old type of outdoor tent without sides. You know the ones that I am referring to with all of the plastic fittings and metal tubing. That was the first type of backyard canopy that I bought. Calling it a nightmare just does not do it justice. If you have never had the pleasure of putting one of those things up, consider yourself lucky. They are very simply made but can cause hours of frustration.

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