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Backyard Canopy Ideas

Nowadays, we want to maximize the use of space in and outside the house. Thus, we come up with gardens, gazebos and other structures separate from the main house so as to create more living spaces. What better way to do so than with a backyard canopy?

Differentiation and Similarities

First off, let’s define what a canopy is in relation to an awning. On one hand, an awning is a cover attached to the exterior walls of the house, be it on the doorstep or the windows. On the other hand, a canopy has additional columns to support its freestanding nature.

Except for this major difference, an awning and a canopy serve the same basic purpose of providing for shelter and protection against the sun, rain and even snow. Both can also be made from various materials like canvas, vinyl and aluminum with stainless steel for support. With that being said, how can the backyard canopy contribute to the creation of outdoor living spaces? Well, it’s pretty simple when you come to think of it.

Decor Ideas

There are so many decor ideas for a canopy in the backyard that you will think to yourself that you could have done it sooner. First, you can place garden furniture like rattan chairs with cushions and tables for a Southern look. Add in a few plants in the corners, hanging lights on the beams and maybe a tea table to complete the look.

Your family and friends can pass the day and the night away under the shade of the canopy while still enjoying the outdoors. Think of it as a room with no walls that allows for the outdoors going into the indoors sans the inconvenience of bird droppings, falling leaves and other unidentified flying objects in your food and beverages.

Second, you can instantly create a magical play area for the kids with the installation of the backyard canopy. Some of your children’s toys can be transferred to this area, which may then be complemented with a sandbox, a doll house and other accouterments of a child’s imagination.

At the very least, your children will have a place to play outdoors without being overexposed to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. You should know by now of the dangers of skin cancer and heat stroke.

Third, you may even use it for gardening purposes. Let’s say that you want to display your shade-loving plants in a more formal setting. You will then fill the space with potted plants in different types of containers from terracotta to ceramic as a showcase for your efforts. If you want, you can even make the canopy into a temporary shelter for your gardening tools. Of course, in winter, you may have to store them properly.

The important thing about creating living spaces with a backyard canopy is that you decorate according to your heart’s desires. Suggestions about functional furniture and furnishings, decorative garden beds and flowering trellises are just that – suggestions. You can take them to heart or you can take the best ideas to your own advantage.

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