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A lot of our themed outdoor spaces have been fairly well traveled.  Tuscany, Far Eastern Asia, and the Tropics have all served as inspiration. But, let’s take our designs a bit closer to home. The Adirondack Mountains are a large mountain range located in Northeastern New York on Lake Champlain and Lake George. Full of rich history for both the Algonquian and Mohawk Native Americans and European settlers, the Adirondacks are a wonderful region completely dependent on the gifts of the land. Connect with the outdoors in your area by creating an Adirondack retreat!

Connect with Water: A mountain range connected to two large lakes with countless streams, rivers, and ponds takes a connection with water very seriously.  If you have a lake on your home, fantastic!  But, most people don’t.  You can create an artificial pond fairly easily, but there’s another body of water you may get more use out of.  A pool or (even better) a hot tub will give that closeness to water while providing relaxing functionality. Unlike the tropics, the Adirondacks have harsh winters and lots of snow.  So, a hot tub is a perfectly appropriate facilitator of outdoor living even when the temperatures a cold!

Build a Wood Structure:  The Adirondack Mountains were a hub of fur trapping and hunting during the beginnings of this nation, and are still a gaming destination for many.  Hunting cabins are a staple of this region, so re create that feeling by erecting a small wood garden structure.  A gazebo over your hot tub would be ideal, but a gardening shed, backyard cabana, or partly enclosed gazebo will give the same fa├žade. You can, of course, fill your structure with patio furniture or an outdoor dining set.  Or you can simply use it for storage.

Use New York Plants and Flowers: The Adirondacks have rich foliage, expansive forests, and beautiful flowers.  While deeper research will determine the best plants for your home, Heartleaf foam flowers, Northern Spicebushes, Northern Tree Clubmoss, American Fly Honeysuckles, and many varieties of Dogwood will all lend Adirondack greenery, while Black Bugbane, Blueflag Iris, and Rose Pogonia will bloom beautifully.   Plant them around your home to grow rich wilderness.

Arrange Adirondack Chairs: Did you think I forgot? Adirondack Chairs are perhaps the best kind of patio furniture for this style of outdoor living space.  You’ll need plenty of Adirondack Chairs for relaxation and family time.  But, don’t feel boxed in!  Adirondack Porch Swings, Adirondack Tete-a-tetes, Adirondack Settes, and Adirondack Rockers will allow you to create a varied and visually interesting group.  Adirondack patio furniture now comes in rustic, traditional, and more contemporary styles and in materials as diverse as Cedar, Polywood, Eucalyptus, and Teak!  Circled around a fire, overlooking a lake, or simply arranged in a group, these time-honored patio chairs will create a wonderful seating area.

Remember to Vary your Patio Furniture: Adirondack chairs are great, but don’t overdo it!  Too many Adirondack chairs will overwhelm your outdoor room.  This is a great time to decide if you want to take a more rustic direction to your Adirondack retreat, of if you want a more refined appearance.  A lot of White Cedar Patio Furniture uses wood that still has a log-like appearance.  Intermingling this with your other patio furniture will give your entire outdoor living space a more rustic appearance.  While using more finished looking Western Red Cedar outdoor furniture will allow a more polished area.

If you live in a cooler climate, creating an Adirondack retreat may be a more realistic choice for a themed outdoor room.  Embrace more native plants and give yourself a place to curl up when the weather gets cooler.  And, when the weather is nice, bring your whole family into the back yard, pitch a tent, and pretend you’re deep in the wilderness!

See You in your Adirondack Retreat!

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