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Backyard Burger Prices

Arthur Bryant’s, the famed Kansas City BBQ joint, has had one man handling the wood and smoke for over five decades. The slow-cooking rib pit at BB’s Lawnside BBQ is made from the very stones that used to form the streets of the city’s once-thriving jazz district. It’s hard to imagine doing anything to rival the BBQ greats on your own patio. However, today’s top-notch backyard smokers do an amazing job of replicating the delicate smoky flavors that create one of America’s favorite cuisines.

Backyard BBQ smokers are far removed from the simple hot dog grills and Weber kettle charcoal grills your dad used for weekend cookouts. They’re a radical departure from the high-dollar stainless steel propane grills that seem to dot every suburban back porch.

These units are simple. Their makers recognize what BBQ is really all about. They allow weekend BBQers to cook their meat at relatively low temperatures generated from wood burning. The smoke from the wood permeates the meat and the output is tender with that salty-sweet flavor everyone loves. They’re built for one thing and one thing only–BBQ. And it shows!

The simplicity of these backyard BBQ smokers does more than create meaty masterpieces. It also keeps prices far lower than what one might expect. Even the smallest, least feature-rich models do a wonderful job of slow-cooking meat. If you have the meat, the rub and the wood, you can become a backyard pitmaster without spending a small fortune. It’s also surprisingly easy to use these wonderful cookers. BBQ experts might consider it an insult, but it really is possible for even novices to create unforgettable meals with these simple smokers.

You can try to produce a great brisket or ribs with a kettle BBQ grill and indirect heat, but you won’t get the kind of results you can from backyard BBQ smokers. Your meat will be a little tougher and the smoke rings a lot less visible if you aren’t using the right tools for the job.

Backyard BBQ smokers will fill your yard with one of the world’s greatest aromas and you may very well become the host of choice for weekend outdoor events once you get one. We can’t guarantee that people will line up at your back porch the way they do for ribs at Arthur Bryant’s, but you will get attention.

Forget the burger-burning cheap grills. Don’t try to make real BBQ with a generic propane grill. Stock up on your rub, sauce and brisket. Pick out your favorite smoking wood. Then, choose one of the many high-quality backyard smokers on the market! Today’s backyard BBQ smokers can make you the neighborhood pitmaster!

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