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Homaro Cantu is a chef who is not only regarded for his work in the kitchen, but equally so with his achievements in the laboratory. He’s set his eyes on helping to end hunger by developing ways on how to change the way we eat. If we could trick our taste buds, then we may just be one step away from living a healthier and fuller life.

Most people shy away from vegetables, especially kids, as they don’t taste nearly as good as fries and burgers. Food manufacturers laden their products with confectionary sugar and additives to make them more appealing to our taste buds. What if in the same way, we trick our taste buds so that what is bare would actually taste flavorful? With the help of the miracle berry, Homaro has been making waves for changing people’s attitude towards food.

With miracle berry, which only grows in Africa and distributed by mberry©, Homaro can fashion a lemonade without adding sugar, any desert sans sweetener, and a tasty dish out of cactus and other strange plants that grow in the backyard without much tending. Of course, it helps that he’s one good chef.

Homaro once joked about being a Google chemist. Whatever he concocts in his laboratory at iNG and Moto all come out of brainstorming sessions with his team. Just like at Charlie Trotters, the kitchen at iNG and Moto bustle with action. The only difference is at iNG and Moto, the executive chef is out to get his staff to think as crazy as possible. Anything conventional or unoriginal get scrapped.

The result of this culture are foods like nacho dessert, edible Cuban cigar, and hamburger patty minus the cow. Nothing is impossible in their kitchen-even world hunger. Homaro is positive that if cultivated and steered toward the right direction, the future food can eliminate “food shortage.”

That’s pretty much acceptable to come from an inventor of a food replicator, a science that Pixar could only dream about in their “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” undertaking. Homaro has pending patents including interactive utensils, a polymer box, and many other mind-boggling contraptions.

He creates not only to make something new but with an end in mind-to help address issues such as famine and global warming. His designs were exhibited at “Feeding Desire, Design and Tools of the Table, 1500-2005” of the Smithsonian Institution’s Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum and he was featured in CNN’s The Next List. He has released “The Miracle Berry Diet Cookbook,” which was a dream come true. “The Moto Cookbook” is now in the works.

1. He is the executive chef at Moto Restaurant, a restaurant known for its use of new technology to enhance dining experience. 
2. He established iNG, another restaurant akin to Moto in its use of technology to give new meaning to food. 
3. He is working on determining how the miracle berry, a fruit that can make sour taste sweet and bitter taste better, can be used to end famine by making food deemed inedible part of the human diet. 
4. He has 12 patent applications. Some of his inventions are the polymer box which can reduce CO2 and our use of fuel when cooking, interactive utensils which can be used to deliver food in space, and edible paper which of course saves trees fom getting cut. 
5. He develops all that in Cantu Designs, a firm he himself founded. 
6. He hosted Future Food with Ben Roche. 
7. He wrote “The Miracle Berry Diet Cookbook” and is now writing “The Moto Cookbook.” 
8. His designs were exhibited at “Feeding Desire, Design and Tools of the Table, 1500-2005” of the Smithsonian Institution’s Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. 
9. He was featured in CNN’s The Next List. 
10. He used to be homeless has turned himself into some sort of a change maker.

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