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Setting up backyard putting greens isn’t really as simple as it seems. There are things that you have to take into account when planning to have one. Anything you want to practice on your putting green, whether it be putting or pitching, you have to plan carefully so that you will get the best results.

Top 3 Things To Consider On Planning Backyard Putting Greens


When planning your artificial material, you should consider if you are going to have a garden installed along with your green or not. Depending on your preference, you can have a beautiful garden as a background or have a plain green on your backyard.

The installation of a garden along with your green will add beauty and value to your house so make sure to consider it greatly. It is not a requirement but it sure is a great addition to greens.


Hitting a ball out of a bunker is quite hard. It can also be frustrating so many people avoid putting bunkers on their personal greens. However, you have to know that it can make your play way better. You will have more time to practice getting your ball out of a bunker if you have one installed on your green. This will make it much easier and less frustrating for you to get your ball out of a bunker if your ball should fall in one on a real golf course.

Backyard putting greens also need to be challenging so that you can better your skill. It just doesn’t have to be too comfortable. That needs to give you challenges so that you can get better. Also, bunkers add beauty to your green.

Contours And Hazards

Like bunkers, contours make your practice a bit harder. Because you have to learn how to hit your ball through a contour on your personal putting green, you will be better in maneuvering your ball on a real golf course. This is why you have to consider putting contours and hazards.

By having contours and other obstacles on your materials, you are making your green more challenging, hence, you are making your training more aggressive. This is quite beneficial if you really want to get better on your skills in golf.

Planning backyard putting greens will take time and a great amount of consideration. This investment will reap great benefits for you, that is why you have to make certain you are making the best design of putting green for your backyard. You should make sure that it will fit your preference and your needs so that you won’t have to have it redone after you have determined that it is not what you want it to be or to look like. Considering whether your green should be natural or artificial is also crucial so be sure to consider it.

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