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Backyard Birding

We all know that our economy is slowly falling. Expensive hobbies like skiing, fishing, and golfing are not anymore the wise options to relax and enjoy our free time with family and friends. As an alternative, more people are into backyard bird watching hobby. Backyard bird watching is very relaxing at the same time inexpensive. Anyone from kids to adults can enjoy backyard bird watching while gaining more knowledge about nature.

To be able to enjoy fully your backyard bird watching experience, you should have one important gadget on your hand, the binoculars. Binoculars can help you observe birds from a distance. Keep in mind that you have to give distance between you and the birds because birds are very responsive to sound and human presence. The only way for you to observe their nature is to watch them from afar.

If you want to take backyard bird watching sincerely, you might need a journal to track down the different types of birds on your backyard. You may also write down the different behaviors and features of the birds you saw. You will be fascinated if you try to go through the pages and observe the same birds return at the same time every year. With a journal, you will have something to hope for as you wait for the birds to return on the same time. Furthermore, you have something to do on your free time as you make prediction when the same birds will appear again.

To make your backyard bird watching more exciting, you need to attract more birds on your backyard. There are several ways to attract different types of bird species. The most common way is to install fountains or birdbath where birds can find relief from the heat of the sun or quench their thirst. Feeding cages are also as effective as the birdbath. You can put seeds to attract wide variety of birds all year round. If the number of birds came to the cages increases, you can provide nestling facilities for the birds so that they can adopt it as their home.

Backyard bird watching can be very adventurous if you spend more time on it. As you gain more experience, you will soon easily recognized different types of birds without needing the aid of a guidebook. You can also learn the behavior and habits of different birds.

Before you start your backyard bird watching, make sure that you brought plenty of water and high energy snacks especially if you want to spend more time under cover. Water and snacks can help you enjoy your hobby much longer under the heat of the sun. Hats are also essential during summer while baseball caps are perfect during winter. Both can help protect you from the heat of the sun and the cold of the winter.

Birds are interesting creatures. Your interest on birds will grow if you observe them carefully. After due time, you will be planning for bird watching vacations with your friends and family.

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