Great Backyard Bbq Pit 90 For Your Home Decorating Ideas with Backyard Bbq Pit

Backyard Bbq Pit

Nothing is more fun than spending your weekend bonding with your family or friends in your very own backyard. That is why many homeowners still consider building their own backyard BBQ pit to make their weekends more exciting.

There are many commercial barbecue grills that you can buy today but building your own pit at home will add to your family’s bonding moment and fun experience. But before building this wonderful addition, you have two options as to what kind of pit you may want to make, whether the metal type or the brick type of you want later. You also have to consider the size of your backyard and the strategic positioning of your home with respect to the neighborhood.

Your barbecue pit should be constructed in a place not so distant from your kitchen because it will be tiresome to go back and forth from your kitchen to your backyard pit when preparing things for grilling. It should also be not so near your home because the smoke and heat pervade inside. These could cause damage to your property, and might even trigger allergic reactions in some people in your home. Consider also your neighbors. Make sure that your smoke will not reach their premises to avoid inconvenience on their part. So better check where the wind blows to avoid any problems.

Make your chosen pit convenient to use by adding shelf to harbor your grilling utensils and food to be cooked. Or if you want to save some space, simply install hooks where you can hang those tools. These hooks will make everything handy and grilling your barbecue will be much easier and enjoyable.

It is essential to soak the bricks overnight before building the pit. This is to make sure that bricks are wet since dry bricks do not bind well together. Make sure to build a strong grill foundation. If you think you are not capable of doing it yourself, you may ask somebody to do the job for you to make sure that the outcome will be perfect.

But in case you want to try doing the pit yourself or with your family’s help, you may follow these simple steps. Prepare a hole in your backyard about ten inches deep and around three by five feet trench. Pour gravel on the trench about two to three inches high then spread the mortar and water mixture on it about two inches thick. Arrange the cinder blocks on the mortar’s edges and fill all the gaps and the holes of the cinder blocks with wet mortar mixture. Remove the excess mortar to even out the pit’s wall.

Set a metal cylinder on the bricklayers if you desired to have a metal BBQ pit. Then fit the grill on the metal furnace. While if you prefer to have a pit of the brick type, additional layers of mortar and bricks are needed until the desired height is reached. Then add the grill using metal braces once it is dried.

Benefit from building your backyard BBQ pit with your family and reap the prize of fulfillment and useful experience after finishing your very own handmade grill area. You are now all set to prepare and grill your irresistible delicious barbecue and have an exciting and happy weekend!

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