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Backyard Bbq Grills

There’s not much in the way of controversy when it comes to backyard BBQ grills – except for perhaps the model you use. Yes, the BBQ grill is an immensely popular item in backyards throughout the world. It is this widespread success that has delivered to us a myriad of models to choose from.

By far the most popular is the conventional charcoal grill. It’s simple to operate and does a good job, albeit at predominantly one cooking level. No knobs, connectors, tanks, or hoses to contend with here. Just the lighter fluid, or possibly one of those electric coil starters possibly is needed. Lots of people swear these are the best – and yield the best outdoor cooked flavors you can get. If you’re after exotic tastes, you can throw any of several types of wood chips on the coals as desired.

Next in the in the backyard BBQ grill lineup are the propane models. These usually start at the price point of some of the better charcoal models, and go up from there. I mean way up too. You can have the discount store starter propane model for not much more than $100 and from there work your way up to one of those massive stainless steel models that are pouring out the doors of home improvement centers everywhere. Some of those get as big as a small car and cost well above the $1000 mark. These are some of the fanciest you can get that are portable yet border on the complete outdoor kitchen class of BBQ grill. Multiple burners, smokers, rotisseries, and more are often included.

If you are a homeowner and have a natural gas line to tap into, you can get a far more permanent backyard BBQ for your money. Granted, it won’t have wheels and you’ll have to be satisfied with wherever you choose to place it – but these built-in varieties clearly enter the home improvement class of backyard BBQ grills – clearly improving the value of your home. There is considerable product diversity in the built-ins too. Models vary from a simple pedestal style and otherwise typical looking model all the way up to much more substantial and functional drop-in range class models. The drop-ins are often installed in larger and often elaborate stone outdoor structures. They are often part and parcel of the ultra nice and modernistic outdoor kitchen – a dazzling extension of some of the nicest homes.

Over time you will likely transcend your way from one backyard BBQ model to another as I have. My very next model will likely be one of those stainless models, as I’ve now worn out several charcoal models and just recently determined I’m not going to struggle to retrofit my latest (and now worn out) second propane model. I’ve already done the ‘bring home a bag of expensive propane replacement parts’ routine once.

Regardless of your budget or preference for charcoal, propane, or natural gas, do consider your options the next time you wear out your current backyard BBQ grill. Product durability definitely corresponds with the model you choose which is of course also proportionate to its cost. Serious barbeque enthusiasts cook all year round, so it just makes sense to select a model you can expect to last. Cooking outdoors is pure pleasure any way you cut it. It’s also a good excuse to have the family over when the weather’s nice.

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