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Backyard Barn

Storage Barns are alternatives to daily storage problems. For example, if the garage is full of lawn equipment, holiday decorations and miscellaneous items, then the storage barn is a good alternative. Storage barns are also good alternatives to the attic, which may be so full of stuff that the ceilings start to sag. Hence, a stylish storage shed, garden shed or backyard barn is just the space-expanding solution for everything from mowers to motorcycles, and can be additionally used as a playhouse, hobby hut or a private getaway, or for storing the RV, boat, car, farm equipment and much more.

There are different models available for storage solutions. An A-Model has a 4:12 roof pitch ideal for steel garages and workshops in high-snow areas, and is up to 40′ wide with unlimited lengths.

The Q-Model design, in sizes from 20′ to 100′ wide and a variety of lengths, suits many applications: grain and livestock storage, backyard workshops, boat and automobile storage, retail outlets, distribution centers and airplane hangars. It uses no poles, beams or obstructions.

The S-Model, ranging in sizes from 16′ to 50′ wide with unlimited lengths, is great for warehouses, distribution centers, storage sheds, and more. It has high sidewall clearance for maximum vertical storage and a column-free interior for maximum floor space.

The P-Model is perfect for a backyard garage or workshop, a single or multiple car garage or an equipment shelter. P-Models range in size from 14′ to 30′ wide, with unlimited lengths.

One of three materials is usually used for making storage barns and garden sheds:

Metal -In galvanized steel or aluminum, with a tough, baked enamel.

Vinyl – With double wall vinyl panels to resist dents, and a snug fit.

Wood- Wooden barns offer a traditional look to match any setting.

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