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Backyard Barbecue Pit

The backyard barbecue pit is the ideal grill for traditional barbecue. Barbecue pits use the method of dehydrating and tenderizing the meat with smoke. They are best used for large chunks such as whole or half hogs, beef brisket or slaps of ribs. For smaller or lighter foods the foods can be tightly wrapped in foil with some water added before sealing so that steam helps cook the meat and the smoke flavor is not overpowering. For the large choices, however, smoke is ideal as it melts the fat, and tenderizes the meat adding a wonderful robust flavor.

Traditional barbecue pits only use wood. Some people to prefer to add charcoal to the wood but traditional pits only use wood for the intensity of the smoke flavor. Charcoal adds a continuous heat source but nothing to the flavor of the smoke being absorbed by the food.

Barbecue pits keep the heat source away from the food at different ends of the grill. This allows for the smoke being drawn up through a chimney and circulate around the grill grates. The grill grates are not directly over the heat source allows for the slow cooking and blending of flavors. Keeping this in mind if you want to invest in a barbecue pit remember you will be cooking all day and it is not made to be used by throwing a quick burger on the grill and enjoying it 5 minutes later.

When choosing the wood for the pit it is important to keep in mind that hardwoods such as hickory, oak, maple, cherry and mesquite. Pine should never be used as it contains to much sap and resin which gives your food a very harsh taste. Of the hardwoods each produce it own flavor with mesquite being the strongest. Often stores sell wood chips and chunks in each of the various woods or blends of several different kinds for your pit. Experiment with the different combinations and you will come away with your favorite. Chips do not last as long as chunks and both should be soaked for at least 30 minutes so they smoulder and create an abundance of smoke rather the burst into flame and burn up quickly. As you can again see barbecue pits are mean longer preparation time.

Nothing beats the smell and flavor of smoke cooked barbecue. Restaurants have become famous for this cooking method and the taste it produces. You can accomplish the same great taste with your own backyard barbecue. Take some time, do some online and in person research and you will find a great backyard barbecue pit!

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