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Backyard Bar Designs

If your looking for a tiki bar design then you are reading the right article. I assume your looking to bring a chunk of paradise to your backyard right? Well there’s no better single way than to build your own tiki bar. I know Tiki Bars get me in the perfect party mood, and it will do the same for your guest.

Is there a simple way of building your own tiki bar?

You need to realize a tiki bar is nothing more then a table with a roof, a fancy table with a roof. You need to think about this logically, it’s just a table with a roof on it. Now does that sound pretty simple to you? So what do you do to bring this idea to reality?

Simple basic steps to building your own tiki bar:

-First you need to find a table; it may be an old used table or a brand new table. If you’re really looking to save on cost hit up a thrift store and see what they have, also go to home depot and look for some cheap tables there. If you have an old table sitting around all the better. You need to remember that the table will be covered and not seen, so it can look like total garbage as long as it’s sturdy.

-You do not need an expensive counter top, you can use throw away table covers for the counter design. This may sound like a cheap low quality alternative but the truth is tiki bars are meant for a party atmosphere. You can find some great designs even at party city; remember to go tropical if that’s your theme.

-You do not have to build the entire tiki bar yourself, although this is a popular effective tiki bar design. It’s not hard to self build your tiki bar and it does give you total control of the design, like I said earlier though you can simply use an old table for the base.

-Finding the roof can be hard, but always remember that straw is great for tike roofs. In fact im a big fan of the straw roofs, in some ways they look better than the palm roofs.

These are just some basics when it comes to a tiki bar design. You can get full step by step details with pictures and all at my blog. Look at the bottom of this article in my bio box for the link. I wish you the best of luck in your tiki building adventures, and I promise it can be a fun trip!

Corey is a self proclaimed Tiki Bar Enthusiast. You can get your own Tiki Bar Design [] at [] which shows you a simple step by step way of bringing paradise to your backyard.

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