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Backyard Band Members

Huh? Social What?

Social Network Marketing is a new spin on the old term, “word of mouth.”

Basically, what it means is that when you promote your band, your popularity is spread through the efforts of others; either by them directly telling their friends about you, or by sending them links to your website, videos, music, etc.

It’s also the idea behind some very popular websites, like YouTube, Myspace, Facebook, Squidoo, Hubpages, Craigslist, etc. All these sites rely on its members providing content to share with other members. Those members see it, rate it and share it with other members.

When you promote your band this way, it allows you to make an impact in the world without spending a lot of money. Have you ever heard of the band, OK, GO? They hit the big time by placing a very low cost music video (shot in a band member’s backyard with one camera, in one take) on YouTube, that was viewed over 38 million times, all over the world. In fact, they also won one of YouTube’s, first video awards.

See the video here

Think all that publicity might have helped them?

Yes, it did.

A year after the Oh No CD (containing the Here We Go Again song) was released, the band had a 182% jump on the Billboard Digital Album chart. The band’s record company, Capitol, also shipped an additional 50,000 units to music stores.

One other thing to keep in mind – that CD had already been out for over a year. Talk about a resurgence!

Promoting your band this way can be a very cost effective promotional tool for you. What the OK GO example should show you is that creative thinking and ingenuity can level the playing filed when promoting your band against the big guys with a lot of money.

The days of record companies with astronomical budgets to promote a band are over. It will be up to you to promote and market your band. The good news is, you get to choose the path you take regarding your music career and will have full control over what you do. You’ll also be able to keep more of the money you make!

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