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Backyard Baby Shower

If you are throwing a baby shower at the expectant mother’s home or at a similar venue, one of the things you must consider is the food that you will serve. With a shower celebrated at home, you do not have the luxury of waiters or special food servers unless you opt for professional catering services. Then again, why spend big bucks when you can just as easily whip up your own baby shower foods?

The cost-effectiveness of having your food catered depends on the scale of the event and the number of guests attending. As showers are traditionally celebrated with the expectant mother’s loved ones and closest friends in attendance, it may be highly impractical for you to put out a spread for over 200.

Making your own preparations for baby shower foods is not that hard. Because of the casual and intimate nature of the party, you can choose elaborate full-course meals and rigid seating arrangements. Some of your best options for baby shower foods include light salads, full-bodied appetizers and delectable finger foods. To enhance the party atmosphere, you can lay food out in a tasteful buffet spread so that guests can mingle.

One factor that can play into your choice of baby shower foods is the theme or venue of the event. With the rising popularity of themed showers, creative hosts are coming up with quirky food ideas to go along with certain party themes. Tea party-themed baby showers are a growing favorite among organizers, and can include special brewed teas, finger sandwiches and decadent pastries on their menu. Backyard baby showers can be decked out in a garden party theme, where one can serve salads, pastas and lemonade.

Should you order a custom cake for the occasion? The choice falls on you, and on what your guest of honor would approve of. If you have the budget and the space, then by all means go for it. Many specialty bakeries have a good selection of baby shower cakes for you to choose from. If you are throwing a themed baby shower, see if you can find a cake that goes perfectly with the theme. You can also make your own cake, or enlist the services of one of the expectant mother’s baking enthusiast friends, if any.

On a related note, allowing guests to bring their own dishes to the baby shower is a great way for you to both save preparation time and let them contribute in their own special way. If more of your guests want to contribute something to the party, you can even arrange for pot luck. Feel free to coordinate with guests and see who brings what. When done well, this arrangement can easily lead to a diverse spread that can also double as a good conversation starter.

As a precautionary measure, have your guests inform you if they have any food allergies or similar conditions. In that way, you can make arrangements for them to have a safe and proper meal at the baby shower without feeling left out. You can also arrange non-alcoholic refreshments for the guest of honor and kid-friendly food choices for guests bringing young children.

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