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Need help transforming a boring backyard into a place that you are proud of and what to spend time in?  If so, a new wood pergola might be just what the doctor ordered.   The backyard for many people is a sour spot in the scope of decorating for so many people.  Interior wise, there are so many great places to find information on what to do, or what not to do with your space.  Outdoors wise there is not the same consistency of accurate information and people are frustrated with what to do.  In this article, you will find how adding a wooden pergola or wood  arbor to your space will help transform it into a backyard sanctuary that you want to spend time in.

The term pergola is an open structure that gives a sense of style, texture, and visual weight to a space, while providing intimacy, shade and order to a location.  It is also called an arbor by many people with the technical differences being an arbor is a outdoors structure that covers a path, walkway or other circulation area where people move through.  Normally, an arbor is a simple archway that is constructed of woods (cedar, redwood, or pressure treated pine) or a manmade material like resin.  When the arbor was first designed it was made out of branches and leaves, while today’s modern arbors are designed out of a latticework that plants can climb and cling onto.

When considering a new outdoors pergola or arbor for your yard, you do not need to have vines and plants clinging to the arbor or pergola.  Today, it is normal for the wood structure to be free of these traditional decorative natural elements and let the beauty of the wood piece stand alone as a work of art in your garden or patio.  Wooden arbors make great entranceways for people coming into a new area like a flower garden, desk area, or even to start a walk down a path.  Most people looking at these type of outdoors structures choose a wood arbor or wooden pergola just because they look beautiful and have a sense of quality about them.  Also, being made of wood will match many different styles of furnishings and outdoor decor while adding a natural beauty to your garden or backyard.  As for styles, a wood pergola can be purchased in a full variety of shapes, styles, sizes and price points depending on what you are looking for.

What to Look for in a Quality Pergola or Arbor?

Western red cedar wood is the standard for which all other materials are judged against.  It is the most popular material for a couple of reasons. First of all western red cedar is very durable and is natural resistant to insect damage and rotting over time, compared to other natural wood products.  In its natural state it has a rich color that turns a light grey when left untreated, easy to work with when putting a project together and last for years.  At the end of the day, it all depends on what you really want and your own personal circumstances.

The most important element in the design of a new cedar pergola is the style of the top either in a horizontal flat topped pergola or arched arbor over an entryway into your backyard.  Some companies put in much effort to add details to the ends of each board for added style and sophistication.  This is where you see real craftsmanship and normally these companies only work with the best materials, that is the western red cedar woods. Others to save money and time have a more simple approach to their design.  They use resin or plastic as a building material and are able to market their product to the consumer at a discount pergola price point because of these techniques.  A smart home owner will have to determine if a quality cedar pergola or cedar arbor with great craftsmanship is what they want for their garden.  Or is saving some money, and buying a discount pergola more in line with what they are looking for.

If you keep these pergola buying tips in mind when you are thinking about transforming your backyard into your own personal sanctuary, you will be on your way to having a space that you and your family will enjoy for many years to come.  If you want more information on outdoor structures including cedar pergolas click here on outdoor structures learning center for added learning.

This Article was written be Dave Gallogly a 21 year expert in home decor and outdoor sturctures including pergolas, gazebos, garden sheds and quality play houses. A website that carries a full range of home decor products and quality cedar pergolas is [http://www.lifestyleshomedecor.com]

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