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When making a chicken tractor, it is important that you invest in a good set of plans so that you can make an educated effort. Making a chicken tractor need not be something that is overly hard and can be accomplished with a few hours to spare on a weekend. However you will need to keep a few things in perspective before you can get started.

First of all you will need to get some good set of plans so that you can make your construction in a better and more efficient manner. Next you will need to get the materials that will include lumber, chicken wire, hammer and nails and a measuring tape. Lastly all you need is some time to spare so that you can get to work!

While making the chicken tractor it is imperative that you allow for at least 4 square feet of space per chicken so that they may live comfortably. It is also needed that you equip your tractor with a filled up feeder and waterer so that the chicken remain well fed. Remember that a chicken tractor is so designed so that the chicken inside can reach the ground and eat the weed and pests. This alone can save you hours of work on your backyard!

Apart from these, a chicken tractor can also protect your chickens from predators and other elements such as the weather. While in a tractor you can also control the behavior of the chicken. A word of caution: do not leave the chickens on one spot of land for too long as they have a tendency to scratch the soil, and they will keep doing that until the entire top layer of the soil has been scratched off; so do keep shifting the tractor from one place to the next so that they may “work” more evenly thorough out your backyard.

Did you know that most people end up spending 100 to 200 dollars on a chicken tractor while they could have easily done that in around 50? A little before hand learning and good ol’ planing can go a long way into making your experience more worthwhile. On my page on Chicken Tractor Plans I have discussed various things that you need to keep in mind when you are making making your chicken tractor. You need to be careful about what size you make your tractor, what you equip it with, and finally how to keep those pesky predators out. If you are interested in knowing more about raising chicken then go to my chicken tractor plans page!

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