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Chickens have invaded America. Their primary method of infiltration has come through family poultry growers who have built a budget backyard chicken coop. Up through World War II, it was common that families across the country would raise chickens. But after the war, most poultry raising involving meat and eggs, was centralized towards HUGE companies and corporations.

However, since 2000, many backyard chicken growers have begun springing up all across America. This is important because it marks a move, by many people around the world, to head back towards localized, agrarian systems. And while we will never fully reach that lifestyle again, we can enjoy many of its benefits right now.

So, let’s briefly explore the essential components you need when building a budget backyard chicken coop.

Do It Yourself

When we talk about budget, it is going to have to be a poultry house that you build yourself, or get help from a friend. Once you begin adding in pre-built and custom-made coops, components, and supplies provided by other companies, you are already adding onto the price of the coop.


Because now you have middle-men involved in fulfilling certain aspects of the coop. To be true, there are a couple of cheap pre-built coops available on the market. And you might be able to find some used ones, on the Internet, at fairly low prices. However, your lowest cost coop is most likely going to be one that you plan and build yourself, from your own ideas, or from plans you have picked up somewhere.

Low-cost Supplies

Additionally, you will need to use the least amount of supplies to accomplish your goal. For a mobile chicken coop you want to use the lightest weight woods for your structure. Ideally you will go for lumber you have freely scavenged somewhere.

If you can’t find free wood, though, your next step will be to use framing lumber in these sizes: 

  • 1″ x 2″
  • 1″ x 1″
  • 2″ x 2″

Your panels will also be the thinnest material you can get. Once you move up from those sizes, you start moving up in price on material costs. And labor costs, for a custom backyard chicken coop will drive the price up as well.

Custom and pre-built coops, although much easier to get started with, often have higher price tags because of the multiple people, the shipping, and the extra parts involved in creating them. If you decide to create your own budget backyard chicken coop there are lots of pieces to the puzzle, so do your diligent research, and make sure you are using the components and structures to make your poultry house work for you.

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