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If you are looking to replace or purchase a heating device for your backyard I would suggest looking into fire pits and tables. Not only do most of them use a new burning aid; “fire glass”, but it is affordable and it creates a safer way to sit out by the fire, very important if there are children around. Fire safety should be the number one thing to think about when investing time into purchasing or replacing your existing backyard heater. Fire glass replaces wood. It is simple. The glass is tempered to survive such heat and you can customize it to go with your current backyard design.

Basic fire pits are easy to make if you want to do it yourself. Depending on the size and what you have decided is best for your families needs is when you determine if you can do it your self, or if a professional is needed. Anyways, doing it your self you need to start with a hole, some stones, and some fuel, and you’re ready to have a fire. You can even put a grill over it to use for a barbeque. It’s a great learning tool for children as well. Teach them how to cook over an open fire! This is a skill that is not often learned in the city today. If you want to get more fancy, there are other options. You can opt for a coal, electric, or even a natural gas fire pit, depending on your needs.

The great thing about fire pits and tables as that you can have the choice to permanently fix them to your backyard or keep it mobile. Having the chance to take it camping or to an event is a great option to have. They have many different designs for pits and tables. You can have iron made ones with stars, or granite slab tables. It’s amazing what the color fire glass will do to make your area more elegant and entertaining. It helps save the environment too by replacing the wood. Saving our trees!

It is important to teach your children and guests fire safety when using anything with fire. The great thing about most fire tables is that they can withstand bad weather and some winds. It isn’t ever safe to use fire when there is a high wind in effect but the fact that you can easily just turn off your fire heating device by a nob is awesome. Now many of the tables and pits created are using a type of fuel and gas on a line that is easy to turn off in case of an emergency.

When you are about to go out and invest your time into looking at a fire pit table, it is important to see what is going to fit you and your families needs. Fire pit tables can be made yourself with much work, or calling a professional and having them install it and teach you how it works is always a good idea. Don’t forget to look into fireplace glass too!

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