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Back Yard Or Backyard

This article will present information to stimulate your thinking for finding treasure in your own back yard. The backyard we are referring to is, the town where you live.

This information works very well if you have lived in your current town for 30+ years. If not, don’t worry we’ll show you how to locate these hot spots for treasure hunting.

I was sitting on the back porch one day thinking of places I could go coin shooting in my town. Since I have lived in the community for 40 years, I saw my town grow from 135,000 to just 
under 1 million today. Most of the old fairgrounds and carnival sites have been developed and has made way for real estate building. What I was looking for was one of these old locations that had not been developed.

One that came to mind was an old school with a softball field. Both the school and sports field are no longer there, but the land is still vacant. The location was in a smaller town just 
outside my local residence. One Saturday morning I loaded up my Metal Detector, food and water and headed out. I remembered driving by this old location a couple of times over the 
years but never thought about what may be there.

Next to the old school location is now a very large industrial park housing manufacturing companies. I was concerned they had bull dozed over the old ball field. So any treasure in the 
form of coins would be too deep to locate. They had changed the land grade somewhat to build a better storm drainage system. Once I determined where I thought the old school and 
Park were located I search the backside of the industrial complex. What helped me locate the old ballpark was some old pipes I found with my metal detector. I searched the area for 
about 2 hours. No major finds that day, but I discovered how important research is to locating treasure.

Think about a current school or ballpark where the position of the field seating was located in a different place some 20-30 years ago. Over the years due to growth of schools, the stadiums and bleachers have been relocated. If your lucky the old location will still be vacant with dirt covering.

I have found talking to senior citizens of an area is very important to locate these old sites. They are eager to talk about the past. So if your fairly new to your area, don’t let that discourage you, just seek out some older residence.

If you want to have fun, exercise and thrill of accomplishment, do some research and seek out some of those older locations where the next great find is just around the corner.

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