Backyard Storage Ideas

Are you looking for cheap backyard storage options? You’re not alone if you need to know how you can store all of your items in an organized and clean fashion without breaking the bank. So many people find their homes or backyards are being overrun by clutter.

It’s time we all learned how to clean out this clutter and find a place for our stuff. This is why backyard storage has become such a popular option. However, what if you can’t afford the top of the line storage units for your own backyard?

What if you’re just looking for something simpler and more fitting to your budget and personal needs? What if you just want something small that will help you get that garage cleared enough that you can start parking the car it in once again like you’re supposed to? This is where cheap back yard storage comes in.

There are different ways to find cheap storage. Consider these ideas:

  • Add a lean-to shed
  • Build your own small shed
  • Buy an inexpensive portable shed
  • Buy a small backyard storage shed
  • Incorporate a gazebo into your backyard design
  • Use garden storage benches that also double as seating

These are just a few ideas or how you can work in cheap backyard storage. This makes it possible to get the storage for everything you need without breaking the bank.

Before you settle on which option is best for you, it’s important to think about your needs. How much storage space do you need? What will you be storing in here? What kind of weather and climate do you have in your area? Will the storage shed possibly need to be moved later, or can it be permanent?

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Backyard Canopy Ideas

Nowadays, we want to maximize the use of space in and outside the house. Thus, we come up with gardens, gazebos and other structures separate from the main house so as to create more living spaces. What better way to do so than with a backyard canopy?

Differentiation and Similarities

First off, let’s define what a canopy is in relation to an awning. On one hand, an awning is a cover attached to the exterior walls of the house, be it on the doorstep or the windows. On the other hand, a canopy has additional columns to support its freestanding nature.

Except for this major difference, an awning and a canopy serve the same basic purpose of providing for shelter and protection against the sun, rain and even snow. Both can also be made from various materials like canvas, vinyl and aluminum with stainless steel for support. With that being said, how can the backyard canopy contribute to the creation of outdoor living spaces? Well, it’s pretty simple when you come to think of it.

Decor Ideas

There are so many decor ideas for a canopy in the backyard that you will think to yourself that you could have done it sooner. First, you can place garden furniture like rattan chairs with cushions and tables for a Southern look. Add in a few plants in the corners, hanging lights on the beams and maybe a tea table to complete the look.

Your family and friends can pass the day and the night away under the shade of the canopy while still enjoying the outdoors. Think of it as a room with no walls that allows for the outdoors going into the indoors sans the inconvenience of bird droppings, falling leaves and other unidentified flying objects in your food and beverages.

Second, you can instantly create a magical play area for the kids with the installation of the backyard canopy. Some of your children’s toys can be transferred to this area, which may then be complemented with a sandbox, a doll house and other accouterments of a child’s imagination.

At the very least, your children will have a place to play outdoors without being overexposed to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. You should know by now of the dangers of skin cancer and heat stroke.

Third, you may even use it for gardening purposes. Let’s say that you want to display your shade-loving plants in a more formal setting. You will then fill the space with potted plants in different types of containers from terracotta to ceramic as a showcase for your efforts. If you want, you can even make the canopy into a temporary shelter for your gardening tools. Of course, in winter, you may have to store them properly.

The important thing about creating living spaces with a backyard canopy is that you decorate according to your heart’s desires. Suggestions about functional furniture and furnishings, decorative garden beds and flowering trellises are just that – suggestions. You can take them to heart or you can take the best ideas to your own advantage.

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Small Backyard Ideas No Grass

If you are trying your hand at landscaping a small backyard and are getting stuck on how to fit all of your ideas into your small space, try creating different levels. Adding levels will create an illusion of more space and actually add dimension to an otherwise bland area.

What do I mean by adding levels?

Try to create different levels, or rooms so to say, that provide a variety of functions. If you already have an existing ground level patio, add some steps up to a deck for entertaining. On the other side could be some raised planters. You could even use an overhead trellis or arbor for hanging plants and vines.

All these different levels can be used to the max to bring plants and flowers to your small backyard space. The patio can have a water feature filled with exotic water plants. The deck could have pots and planters filled with flowers and small trees. Raised beds can have vegetables and flowering plants.

By creating levels when landscaping a small backyard, you create more space or the illusion of more space. You need to be careful to not overdo it or your small backyard will look cluttered and could even make it look smaller than it was. Keep your plans simple. Adding 3 levels is probably a good start. A ground level, and 2 additional levels on either side is usually enough to get the desired look of a bigger backyard area. Keeping some grass will make your yard seem bigger and will also look neat if well manicured.

Whatever you decide to do when landscaping a small backyard, keeping it simple and well proportioned is the key. For more ideas and designs please visit my site, Landscaping a Small Backyard.

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Backyard Nature Products

Do you need a Clean Start?

There are a lot of things we eat and use as well as medications we take that leaves poisons in our body. These tend to build up in the organs and can cause improper body functioning. Because of this, you should learn how to cleanse your system of the contaminants left behind. One way to do this is through natural holistic remedies.

Many herbs can be found outside in the backyard. There are a lot of common spices we use to cook with that are sometimes used in natural concoctions. When some of these aromatics are put together, it can help rid yourself of poisons that are known to cause some cancers and other illnesses.

Minerals and vitamins are also important. If you find a cleansing compound that offers additional vitamins and minerals with antioxidants, these are recommended over ones that do not include these essential ingredients. Sometimes toxins can deplete the levels of important vitamins from your system. Adding them back into the diet helps maintain good health.

Some wonder why they should use a cleansing agent. The answer is simple; all of the processed foods, medications both prescription and over-the-counter varieties as well as soaps and shampoos contain chemicals that are not native to the body system. A cleanser helps the organs dispose of these chemicals that build up in the cells.

Using natural products can help eliminate the buildup of toxins but it will not rid you of what is already there. Instead you need something to rid yourself of all of the buildup. These generally come in a powder form and is added to water to make a drink. It is the most efficient way of removing poisons from the major body systems.

No matter where the contaminants in your body came from, they are there and need to be eradicated. Natural cleaners are the best way to shed them and begin feeling better. It could be the best thing you have done for yourself in a long time.

The above statements have not been evaluated by The Food and Drug Administration; nor are they intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Thanks for reading! is dedicated to promoting natural, age-old as well as modern products and techniques to help people heal.

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Carm Anthony “The Urban Shaman”

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