Backyard Mosquito Spray

It is important to protect your family and yourself from the harmful mosquito bites. To protect your family, you need to take a constructive approach. This is why techniques like a mosquito spray system have been introduced by researchers.

A complete mosquito control system can only be accomplished through combined efforts of public and the government. Some neighborhoods around the country do have regulated pet control services but some parts still remain uncovered. If your neighborhood stands uncovered, then don’t worry. Fortunately, the market today offers a variety of branded mosquito sprays and other mosquito control items.

You can take best advantage of any branded quality mosquito repellent spay. These are few products which can be widely found today to protect your family and loved ones. Mosquito spraying can either be professional mosquito spray system or it can just be a plain insecticide spray. Let’s learn more about a professing mosquito spraying system and a regular mosquito spray.

What is a professional mosquito spray system?

In spirit, the professional mosquito spray system is very modern. This sort of spraying system works to protect your household from the dreadful mosquito bites. It follows an efficient and easy procedure to generate a mosquito-free area around your home.

A professional mosquito controlling system can only be established by the pest or insect control organizations. With professional help, such system can be easily placed in your home lawn. It works depending on your own needs. Unlike the regular normal mosquito sprayers, the professional mosquito spraying system comes finely programmed. They can also be used to protect your house at any given interval of time.

What is a regular mosquito spray?

Available at cheapest rates, this is a kind of mosquito control item which is widely available at your nearest supermarkets or hardware stores. Normally, these sprays are used by the homeowner themselves. You can spray the insecticide in specific areas like your room, your kitchen and the area surrounding your home. Even a type of standard mosquito yard spray can be used to keep your backyard mosquito-free. In simple words, this is a manual mosquito control product which you can handle yourself whenever any need arises.

What’s the difference between regular sprays and professional sprays?

You may be wondering about the major difference between working with a professional mosquito spray system and a standard spray. The answer is quite simple- the area they individually cover. A common mosquito spray has the ability or efficiency to protect only a portion of your household. Moreover, they work when you do the spraying yourself. On the other hand, a professional spray system can ensure safety of your entire home 24/7.

Now when you know the main difference between using a professional spray system and a regular mosquito spray, what type would you prefer for the safety of your own home? Whatever may be your choice, but you should always remember that mosquitoes are on a hunt 24/7 and it’s the time now to start protecting your home.

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Best Backyard Chicken Breeds

Raising backyard chicken breeds can be a very rewarding experience for those that may be interested in it. There is a very long list of chicken breeds that are suitable for this type of breeding. That being the case, deciding which backyard breed is the best is a completely personal choice. It depends on what one’s preferences are as well as what the chickens are being reared for. Knowing the purpose for which you wish to rare chickens is the best starting place for deciding which breed will be right for you.

There are varying reasons as to why people breed chickens in their backyards chief among them being for fresh healthy eggs and/or meat. Chickens also provide an environmentally friendly way of controlling insects and weeds. They are also a great source of fertilizer for farms or gardens. There are those that breed chickens for shows and then there are those that just like to have them around as pets.

For individuals that are looking to raise backyard chicken breeds, there are plenty of options to choose from. The choice of between hundreds of domesticated chicken breeds from all around the world. The different breeds are differentiated from one another by way of color of plumage, size, skin color, type of comb, feathering, type of eggs that they produce and the number of toes among others. Breeds are also classified with regards to the function with which they are known for i.e. layers, meat or ornamental purposes.

Chickens for egg production

The best backyard chicken breeds for egg production are; Ancona, Araucana, Andalusian, Ameraucana, Jaerhone and Easter Egger. These chickens are light in weight and have a temperament that is balanced.

Chickens for meat production

Most individuals that rear chickens for meat production prefer that the breeds that they get serve a dual purpose i.e. a source of meat and laying of eggs. The breeds that are common for meat production include Indian Game, Ixworth and Bresse.

Dual – purpose Chickens

Dual-purpose chicken breeds are the most common breeds that are kept in farms and backyards and for obvious reasons. These breeds may however be slightly better at either their egg or their meat production but the bottom line is that they do both. The most commonly bred dual-purpose breeds include: Brahma, Astralorp, Braekel, Chanticleer, California Gray, Jersye Giant, Faverolles and the Derbyshire Redcap.

If your goal is rearing chickens in your backyard for the purposes of meat and eggs, then there is no need to get a rooster as well. The only reason why you would require a rooster is if you need your eggs fertilized for hatching in which you have to ensure that your rooster to hen ratio is in line. The standard is that you should have at least eight hens for every rooster if you want your flock to co-exist in peace. For a backyard flock, the best way to go would be to keep dual-purpose birds. Some good examples of these are Dorking, Dominique, Plymouth Rock and Wyandotte.

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Backyard Room

Outdoor fireplace design is a wonderful way to put your special ‘stamp’ on your outdoor decor. With so many of us taking advantage of what lays beyond our back door, keeping warm is a logical step in creating that dream backyard room. You may already have the couches, the chairs, the tables and the accessories, but adding an outdoor fireplace to the mix will kick up your design a notch and help you create a beautiful room that you will never want to leave, while you enjoy your outdoor space long after the neighbors have retreated back inside because of the night chill.

An outdoor fireplace can be made from a variety of different stones and rocks, and even out of brick if that’s your choice. They come in a lot of different models and styles and are varying sizes. Finding that right balance for your backyard is where the design part comes into play. First you will want to determine where you want your fireplace to go. For safety you must have it away from any other structure by at least ten feet, so this has to be taken into consideration. Once you have thought about where you want the fireplace, you should think about what you will be using your fire for. Is it for cooking? Is it for just keeping warm? Is it just for decoration? Will you get an added water feature as well? Once all these questions are answered, you will get a better idea of where the best place to put your fire will be. If it is to be part of an outdoor kitchen, for example, then you may want to angle it so that it can be used as part of the outdoor living room as well.

Designing your fireplace will be the fun part. When you know where you want it to go and what you will use it for, then you can start looking at styles to see which ones take your fancy. Adding a water feature can make a beautiful statement and combine two of the world’s greatest elements into one spectacular show. Adding metal doors makes the piece more personal to you as they can depict a favourite hobby or interest, and getting an additional grill will allow you to cook over an open flame.

Pick a stone or rock colour that complements your outdoor room, or go all out and design your room around the fireplace. The design and usage is up to you, but you are sure to get a great backyard space when you add a beautiful fireplace to the mix.

Outdoor fireplaces make any backyard a spectacular place to be. Use them for warmth on chilly days or as a bold statement to your decor, the fireplace will look beautiful and be functionable year after year. For more information and to see a photo gallery, please visit our website at

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Backyard Movie Party

Although many people are finding out that hosting a backyard movie is a lot of fun for everyone, what most people are just figuring out is that there are many more ways to enjoy your backyard theater than to just throw a movie in the DVD player. Here are some fun things that people are doing:

Karaoke Night – You’ve had a good time seeing yourself on the tv in your family room or at the local bar but how about on a big screen in your backyard? If you like karaoke or just want to give it a try this is the way to do it. Just hook up the karaoke machine, plug a camcorder into the projector and start singing. You will be amazed at how much fun it is to see yourself on the big screen.

Theme Movie Night – Sometimes the newest releases don’t hold a candle to with the time tested classics. Watch the classics with a twist and make it a theme night. Have a cookout and put your best western outfit, throw in a western classic on and have a western theme night. Can’t get enough of the Kung Fu movies? Order Chinese food and throw in a Bruce Lee Movie. Remember to make everyone come wearing their favorite kung fu outfit or karate outfit. Caddyshack is a an all time classic and you can show it after a golf outing with the guys. Of course you should show up in the ugliest golf clothes you can pull out of your closet. The best part of the night is that the movies don’t need to be first runs and it is all about the food and friends and the outfits.

Birthday Parties – Inflatables and game rooms are great but how fun would it be to have a backyard movie for your kids birthday. Not only would it be a fun and different activity but if you get the right movie they will be occupied for several hours and you can get some time to relax too.

Block Party – Is there a better way to get your neighbors together than having a block party and show a backyard movie. You don’t even need to use your backyard if you live on a dead end street or if there is a park close by. Have everyone pitch in with the food and drink and all you will have to do is bring the screen and projector. As a warning you might have to schedule several movie nights to accommodate all the suggestion that you will get from each neighbor.

Game Night – You don’t just have to show movies on you backyard movie screen. With a good multimedia projector it is perfect for game nights with the kids. Rockband, Xbox and PlayStation games make it a fun night that everyone can enjoy.

These are only a few ideas that you can do when you have a backyard movie screen and projector and there are plenty more.

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