Backyard Grill Gas Grill

Are you looking to buy a grill for your backyard? Before you do, you should do your research so that you get the best backyard grill for your money. The first thing you have to decide on is if you want a charcoal grill or a gas grill. Once you have established that, you can start looking around for the perfect backyard grill.

You will also need to decide on the size of grill you want and need. Are you looking for a large grill for your house in the backyard or are you looking for a smaller grill that you can take to your dorm or sorority house?

Figure out how much money you want to spend on a grill. Many times it is wise to spend a little more so you get an excellent product that will last for years. If you keep buying cheap grills, they will only fall apart. In the end you will find that you spent just as much for all of the cheap grills as you would have for one truly superb backyard grill.

The featured backyard grill is the Holland Grill Apex Backyard Grill. This grill is the very best Holland grill there is. You will have peace of mind knowing that this backyard grill comes with a 15-year Limited Warranty. There is an on and off valve which will help with cooking your food since there is no adjusting the temperature. You can enjoy yourself with your family and/or guests without having to worry about the grill temperature. You will enjoy the exclusive patented Holland System. This system has a drip pan that will bring out the flavor of your food. The drip pan also prevents flare-up of fire. Your grill will be extremely sturdy with the stainless steel grill body wrappers, support pillar and side shelf brackets. A stainless steel flame deflector is included as well as an aluminum drip pan. The cast-aluminum body end panels are powder-coated black so that they will last for many years. The cast iron burner is heavy-duty and it is guaranteed for the entire life of the grill. The stainless steel grid is also guaranteed for life of the grill and will not rust, it is easy to clean and it helps to prevent food particles from falling through and making a mess. The steel base is heavy-duty aluminized and is also powder-coated black.

If you have a big family or entertain frequently this backyard grill is perfect as it will hold four chickens or two turkeys. When you need to fire up your grill it is simple as this grill has a spark igniter. Fabulous NuStone side shelves don this grill. There is a handy smoke drawer to add wood chips and other products to get that delicious smoky flavor. There is a utensil holder for your convenience. When you want to steam food you can close the valve, add water to your drip pan and you are ready to go. High quality heavy-duty wheels and casters are included as well. Start grilling today with your phenomenal Holland Grill Apex Backyard Grill.

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Backyard Grill Thermometer

In addition to your grill (or assortment of grills if you are like me!), there are lot of accessories for sale to the backyard grilling enthusiast. Some items are indispensable, some items are nice-to-have, and other items are just made to be sold. This is my list of these items and my opinion as to where they belong on this list.


You can buy all sorts of fancy, gimmicky skewers for making kabobs. If you opt for a steel version, make sure the skewer is not round. It should be flat or have a flat side to keep food from spinning when moving or flipping. I personally prefer bamboo skewers for all my kebob-style cooking. I simply soak them in water for at least 30 minutes prior to food assembly to prevent them from burning on the grill. And I always use at least two per kabob; this allows me to easily turn, move and flip them without the food turning or slipping during the cooking process.


You cannot underestimate the usefulness of an accurate thermometer when grilling. And to have a complete outdoor cooker’s utensil kit, you have to have a couple of different types of thermometers.

If your grill did not come with a thermometer, get one! Keeping track of you grill’s temperature is a pre-requisite from moving from grill novice to an outdoor cooking pro. To perfect the cooking process, you have to know how hot (or cool) your grill is during the cooking process. If you grill does not have a thermometer opening, you can easily add one. Just drill out a half inch hole no lower than 2 inches from the top surface of your grill. Get a metal caplet insert from you local hardware store along with a grill thermometer. Drill a hole that is the same size and the thermometer probe. Insert the caplet into the hole you drilled and insert the probe of the thermometer. If you have a cooking occasion where you do not want to use the thermometer, simply remove the thermometer and insert a small ball of aluminum foil to fill the gap.

You also need to have an instant read thermometer. This will give you an immediate, no-guess temperature of your meats while they cook. This is indispensable for making sure that your meat are properly cooked, especially when dealing with pork or poultry that have minimum temperatures set for safe consumption.

One thermometer that I received one year as a gift and I considered just a whimsical addition to my utensil arsenal has become a mainstay that I cannot even consider what I would do if I had to do without it. That is a dual, remote thermometer. This thermometer has dual temperature probes so I can monitor two different things while cooking. Usually, I use one probe for the meat that is cooking and the other is inserted in my grill thermometer opening. Like I said, it is also remote. I can set the grill up, set the temperature, prepare and place the food, close the lid and go back inside with the remote unit. I can set it for a timed cook or I can set the alarm to alert me once a certain pre-set temperature is achieved. This is wonderful on a cool day, a rainy day or a hot summer’s day…or just when I want to catch the game on TV without missing anything. I can sit comfortably inside and monitor both the food’s cooking progress and monitor the grill temperature without having to expose myself to the elements.

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Garden Backyard

Starting a garden for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. Here are some general tips for making your backyard gardening adventure a success:

Decide what to grow.

Before choosing your backyard gardening location, decide what you want to grow. Understanding the lighting and temperature needs of your individual plants can help you plant your crops in an optimum location. For example, if you are growing peppers and tomatoes, you will need a sunnier, warmer location than if you are growing lettuce and greens.

Grow your crops in season.

Before starting your garden, determine the crops’ optimum season. Don’t try to grow “cool crops” such as lettuce, chard, radishes, and peas during the heat of summer. These crops need to be grown at temperatures that are roughly 15 degrees cooler than summer crops to prevent bolting. On the other hand, cooler soil temperatures will interfere with germination and crop maturation for warm season veggies.

Provide adequate drainage.

All vegetables require good drainage. One of the best ways to increase the drainage of your soil is to add compost. Not only does this create a looser soil that helps vegetables take up oxygen, but it provides important nutrients as well. Raised garden beds are another a popular technique for improving soil drainage.

Practice good watering techniques.

Successful backyard gardening is dependent upon vigilant watering techniques. Drooping, drying, yellowing, leaf drop, and mildew are all signs that you may be over- or under-watering your plants. Be sure to water deeply but less frequently to avoid problems. Too much water prevents plants from taking up valuable nutrients and oxygen through their root system. Morning water provides valuable moisture than helps sustain your plants during the heat of the day, which evening water can promote mildew and bacterial growth.

Provide shade if necessary.

Shade plants from harsh sunlight and temperatures during the hottest part of the season to avoid bolting, sunscald, and excessive dehydration. Two simple ways to provide plant shade are to set up a shade umbrella in your garden, or build a simple row cover with pvc pipe and greenhouse plastic. If using a removable row cover, be sure to drape a shade cloth over the plastic to avoid radiating more heat.

Don’t over-fertilize.

Over-fertilizing your vegetables can sabotage the growth process and kill your plants. Some plants will use nutrients at a higher rate than others, so be sure to consult a fertilization chart to determine your plants’ individual needs. Don’t let a lack of understanding about fertilizer and nutrients intimidate you or stop you from starting a garden. Your local nursery is a great place to get more information about nutrient needs for your plants.

Brett Ashlee is a home gardening enthusiast who enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience on small space gardens, greenhouses, and vegetable growing tips.

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Golf Driving Nets Backyard

Golf is a favorite pastime among the masses. However not many can actually go to the golf clubs for a variety of reasons. But that does not mean that you must forgo the pleasures of the sport. A variety of golf equipments are available which ensure that you can enjoy golf to the maximum at your own homes. Golf driving nets are the most useful equipment you can buy to enjoy this luxury.

Benefits of the nets

The most obvious benefit is that the golf driving nets allow you to enjoy the game in your own comfort zone like your backyard. You can set it up wherever you please and have a fulfilling game. Furthermore these nets also help you improve your game so when you actually go to a club you can show off your skills.

Tips to consider when buying golf nets

The first criterion is to check the size. Carefully examine the size and determine whether it fits the space you have allotted for it in your home or yard. You do not want to end up with an oversized net. Next, check the netting material. The nets should be of good quality as it should be able to withstand your most powerful shot. Some nets come with targets included while some do not. This is based on personal preference however it must be noted that targets help in improving your shots.

Another feature to ensure is portability and flexibility. The net should be easy to put up and take down so that you can set up wherever you want. Another feature you should check for is the golf mat. Most nets come with a golf mat but some don’t so check beforehand for this part. Lastly, consider the price. There is no need to go over the top. However make sure that the reasonably priced package is of good quality so that you can truly enjoy the game.

Golf Driving Net Reviews

Excel golf nets

This net is easy to install as it is totally assembled. The netting is made of mesh polypropylene and is 7/8″. The safety back baffle is 3/8″ and is made of #50 twine. In order to maximize the functionality of the net, the safety baffle hangs loose. Golf net targets are included with this set.

Ace Golf Net

This net measures 8′in height and 11′in width and 3 1/2′ on the sides. The safety baffle net is 4′ x 5′. The netting is made of Nylon HDBD Archery 1/8″ Mesh. This set is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Pro- Supreme Golf nets

This high quality set is perfect for both commercial and residential use. Its black netting which is used in constructions ensures that it can withstand the most powerful shots. The safety baffle is made up of Archery Netting thus making it very reliable. This heavy duty set guarantees durability and maximum functionality. The pro supreme golf nets are sold without the frames thus can be set up anywhere and is easily portable.

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Backyard Ice Rink Liner

Winter is coming and your ice skating itch is flaring up again. Or maybe you’re just a hockey fanatic! Instead of hauling yourself and the kids to the ice hockey rink every day, why not utilize the space in your yard for a backyard ice rink…? They’re simple to make and fun for the whole family. Have your own family hockey games and invite the whole neighborhood to join in.

Here’s how to build your very own superior ice rink:

  1. Figure out where you can build your rink. Try to find the most level section of your yard and then figure out how large the rink will be. Do not build your rink over a septic system as the large amount of water will cause some tremendous problems!
  2. Level out any sections of your lawn that need to be raised. A level surface is VERY important for your ice rink. If you have some sections that are lower than they should be, use topsoil or even packed snow to even them out. (Remember: snow will melt!)
  3. Purchase your backyard ice rink materials. You need to make a decision now: do you want a fancy rink or a basic rink? Here is a list of basic materials you will need (and some fun add-ons too):
    • 2″ x 10″ boards – enough for your border (if you’d like to be really fancy you can look into community rink dasher board systems)
    • 2″ x 2″ stakes – enough to use about every 3′ around your border
    • Door hinges and deck screws to fasten corners
    • Plastic sheet – this will act as your ice rink liner. Get enough to cover the bottom of your rink AND flow over the tops of your boards.
    • Large staples to fasten your liner
    • Duct tape to join the liner in the middle (if you have more than one piece)
    • Pond hockey net (x2)
    • Plywood – this is not necessary but can act as a puck board. You will need some 4″ x 4″ s or fence posts to brace these on the outside if you decide to go this route. If you’re really serious, check into a community ice rink dasher board system.*
    • Marsh Pegs (they are frozen into your ice surface and keep the net in place)*
    • Line Kit (to make those fancy lines on your ice hockey rink)*
    • Flood lights for night games**fun add-ons
  4. After your rink area has been leveled out, construct your ice rink frame using the 2″ x 10″ s, stakes, deck screws, and door hinges. Make sure you do this BEFORE the ground is frozen solid.
  5. Place your ice rink liner inside your frame so that the sides are draping over. Duct tape the liner together in the middle if need be. Leave about a 1′ overlap.
  6. Staple your liner to the frame above the water level or on the outside of the rink.
  7. If putting up a puck board you can do so now, along with the supports. You may be able to use your fence posts for support instead if you are building right to a fence.
  8. Now you can flood your rink. This will have to be done in several steps and done when you are fairly certain that the weather will stay cold. The first night, flood your rink with the hose, then for a few consecutive nights, spray the surface until it evens out.
  9. If you are using a lines kit, do so now before you put the last layer or two of ice on.
  10. Don’t forget to use your marsh pegs if you have purchased them and install your hockey nets into the ice rink surface.

Now you are ready for ice skating, hockey games and some old fashioned fun! Now all you have to figure out is who’s going to shovel the rink…? Have fun!

Lilly Gordon is a freelance writer and web publisher. She is an avid hockey and ice skating fan and is a supporter of family activities.

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Playset Backyard

Parents today bemoan the reality that kids no longer play the outdoor childhood games they used to enjoy. The ones that got them dirty, sweaty, and healthy as they got their doses of fresh air and sunshine. Instead, kids stay trapped inside their rooms watching an endless stream of DVD movies and TV shows, playing video games, chatting online, listening to their music players, and texting through their mobile phones, sometimes all at the same time. These activities tend to isolate their kids from the rest of the family. Their health also suffers because they become “couch potatoes.”

Consider setting up a backyard playset. Backyard playsets can give your children endless play possibilities. They get to exercise while having fun. They no longer need to go to public parks or travel to amusement centers, so you can keep watch over them. Think also of the cost savings as an added bonus.

Backyard playsets expand your children’s imagination and develop their creativity as they engage in adventure play with their siblings, playmates, and even you as their parent. Isn’t it great that as your children develop their mental and physical abilities, the family also gets to engage in quality time?

Before purchasing a play set, do some research about Home Playground Standards, and make sure the item you purchase meets the standards. Choose age-appropriate swing sets. Look for good quality playsets made with first rate parts to ensure safety and durability. Cedar wood swing sets with powder -coated metal ware are considered durable and safe.

Look for fun features that enable kids to engage in a variety of activities such as swinging, sliding, and climbing. Choosing swing sets with provisions for upgrades and additions like trampolines and basketball hoops will assure you that your children will enjoy these play sets for many years.

Backyard playsets can also be used for teaching children about responsibility. Orient them on safety guidelines and involve them in the proper use and maintenance by giving them cleaning tasks to perform.

Swing sets can last you a long time with proper maintenance. Periodically check your swing sets for signs of damage and corrosion. Repair immediately to avoid any injuries. Clean it by hosing or wiping with a damp cloth. Regularly re-stain or recolor to preserve the newness of your set.

To provide your children with better health, expanded imaginations, and endless fun possibilities, invest in a backyard playset today.

Bring the fun of the park home with the many sturdy and durable swing sets available for purchase. Your kids will have hours of fun on their backyard playsets and you will feel more peace of mind knowing they are closer to home.

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