Turf Backyard

Areas on your property like backyards are quite ideal for synthetic grass. This is because backyards are usually a relatively high traffic area that needs durability. For backyards of any shape or size, artificial grass can be customized to fit virtually any area. Because of its high customizability and ability to blend in with any kind of landscaping materials, synthetic turf can be adopted by any backyard. Those with synthetic grass lawns continue to enjoy many benefits for several years. From low maintenance to a beautiful lawn that looks healthy throughout the seasons, artificial turf is perfect for any backyard.

A great thing about modern synthetic grass is its natural feel and appearance. Made from polyurethane and polyethylene fibers, a complex yarn weaving is done to make the blades of synthetic turf look naturally grown and less artificial. The soft materials used are not spiky and instead have the feel of real grass. Thus, when walked on barefoot, or even laid on for a picnic, many do not even know the difference between modern artificial grass and real grass. It is comfortable for the entire family, including children and pets. The very natural green tint of artificial turf makes it look healthy but not artificial. Through the hottest, most scorching summers, all the way to the nippiest winters, your synthetic grass backyard remains this healthy look, without drying out or dying out. It withstands contact with all the elements without being damaged.

An amazing aspect of having a synthetic grass backyard is the fact that it cuts down heavily on labor and maintenance costs. Since artificial grass is completely waterless, you can forget about hoses, sprinkler systems, and manual watering of your backyard. This can save several thousand gallons of water a year, as well as thousands of dollars in water costs. Since synthetic turf does not need any mowing, lawn mower emissions are heavily reduced, as well as precious time that would be spent maintaining the backyard. Fertilizing is also eliminated, reducing the amount of chemicals released into the water and environment. Artificial turf heavily contributes to ecological awareness and sustainable living, Therefore, converting from a real grass backyard to a synthetic turf backyard can greatly improve the condition of the environment.

Synthetic grass’ drainage system is comprised of several holes situated on the entire backing of the turf. This allows for manual permeation of any liquid that comes into contact with the turf. Thus, the turf is not ruined by liquid, and helps to prevent spores and bacteria from building up due to its perforation. Artificial grass is the ultimate low maintenance solution for all types of backyards. Even backyards that have hills, sand, cement, and other intricacies can employ the use of synthetic turf. Installers can customize any backyard area, making for a clean and manicured lawn. From its eco-friendly nature to its durability and customization, an artificial grass backyard is ideal in the modern day. Look to an artificial turf lawn for greater savings and comfort combined with minimal maintenance.

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How To Make A Backyard Pond

Pond lights are a good way to add nocturnal ambiance to backyard water features. There are many available illumination options that change dark and uninviting locations into secure enclaves by illuminating waterfalls, fountains, trees, decks and pathways with an almost magical quality. When adding pond lights to a landscape, safety must always come first. Water and electricity don’t go together and the consequences of a mishap could end up being fatal. As a safety precaution, only use solar powered or low voltage fixtures when working near ponds or other water features.

Pond Lighting Technologies

Light bulb efficiency measures the cost of producing units of light. Electrical costs for lamps are a direct function of the total wattage of the bulbs that are being lit and the light emitted by these bulbs is measured in lumens. The other major factor in efficiency is the cost of the bulbs themselves and the mean time to replacement. The most efficient lamp would produce the most lumens for a given wattage; have a low purchase price and the longest life before burning out. Unfortunately that bulb does not exist yet.

Let’s compare 2 basic low voltage lamp alternatives — Halogen and LED. Halogen lights have a lower purchase price, but will burn out faster and use more electricity. LED costs more upfront, but consumes less energy and has a much longer meantime to failure.

A typical low voltage halogen lamp produces 15 lumens per watt and has an expected life of 5000 hours. In comparison, a similar LED produces 50 lumens per watt and can last as long as 50,000 hours (almost 6 years if left on 24 hours per day) before needing replacement. So in this case the LED is 3 times more efficient and lasts 10 times as long as the Halogen. A 10 watt halogen lamp costs approximately $6 vs. $15 for a 3.5 watt LED. As LED technology improves and more manufacturers begin adopting this product, the purchase price should drop significantly and low voltage LED should eventually dominate the outside lighting market. There are 3 common classes of pond lights that utilize both these lighting technologies, submersible, floating and land based accent lights.

Submersible Pond Lighting

As the title implies submersible lighting are located underwater within the pond. Submersible pond lights are meant to give the pond water a glowing appearance and highlight and fish and plants. Nevertheless, submersible pond lighting also illuminates “anything” that’s in the water. So unless the pond is extremely clear, submersible lights can make the water appear cloudy. As a substitute, a light pointing down in the water from overhead will illuminate the actual pond without negatively impacting the appearance of water clarity. In particular, should you keep colorful fish within the pond, such as koi, lighting the pond from above will make the fish standout throughout the night against an opaque dark background. Submersible lighting is singularly magnificent, though, in illuminating waterfalls and fountains. Submersible lights can include different color lenses and may be located at the rear of waterfalls or under fountains to produce wonderful after dark light shows. Submersible ring lights are specifically effective with fountains.

Floating Pond Lights

For additional lighting effects within the pond, you can also include floating lights. These lights are fun to watch because they move in irregular patterns with the prevailing current in the pond. There are many kinds of floating lights available including lights which change colors progressively. These lights are generally constructed in the shape globes or water lilies. Whatever style you select, solar powered fixtures are well suited to this role since they will float freely with no power cords attached.

Accent Lights

Regular landscape accent lights are the third class of lighting to make ponds and water features shine through the night. This type of lighting may be used to frame the borders of the pond and to accent selected backyard features such as rocks, trees and shrubs. If a waterfall isn’t lit from behind with a submersible light, a land based spotlight from the front creates a pleasant shimmering effect. To ensure safe walking, paths close to your pond or in the backyard generally, should be well lit through downward directed lights. Accent lights are widely available in low voltage and solar powered fixtures for places where electricity isn’t easily accessible.

An effectively illuminated pond is unquestionably beautiful at evening and provides a means to enjoy your water garden whatever the hour.

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Backyard Spas

In this day and age, the world moves at a stressfully fast pace. Tension abounds at work. There is no escape from the tension at home. There are sources of stress all around you. It’s important to be able to get away from the stresses of every day life so you can relax. If only you had the time to take a week off from your life, relaxing at a spa resort. For less than half the cost and time of a spa visit, you can enjoy nature all year round by sprucing up your backyard. Think, “Backyard Spa”!

Location, Location, Location

A spa’s location is crucial for the admiration of your neighbors and the aesthetic qualities it can bring to your backyard. So first and foremost, CAREFULLY choose your spa’s location. You could set it up in an unused area of your backyard or locate it right on your present patio. The size of the available space will determine the size of your spa. Make sure that you know where the spa’s attachments for water and electricity are. Seasonal flowers, bushes, and other plants make fine decorations for the surrounding area. Be sure that the spa is cleared of any potential tree branches that may fall into it.

Many people choose to fit their homes with customized patio coverings, which are tasteful, yet still provide the necessary privacy. With the strategic use of wood, lattice, posts, and paint you can create the neighborhood’s best in privacy and beauty in your own backyard. You can adjust the privacy and the amount of sunlight with the lattice spacing. The coverings can also be used to grow ivy and flowers. A landscaper can install them more quickly and save you time. You can also plant high hedges around the edge of the backyard. To maintain privacy, you can enclose your spa in a hot tub gazebo.

Numerous Options and Choices

Your back yard is an awesome place to relax and unwind after a hard day’s work. You can commune with your family and with nature there. Privacy and beauty can go hand in hand with a little creativity. High-quality landscaping materials and vividly colored plants will help. Your patio can be painted with colors to match your personality. A unique look can be simply achieved through the addition of pretty rugs and aromatic candles, and for a really unique look you can add elaborate statues.

Placing a birdbath in your backyard will encourage pretty birds to stop by. Stones or other sturdy material can be used in its construction. You can have different types of birdbaths, pedestal or hanging.

With just a little creativity, you can turn your backyard into something wonderful. You do not have to have a large yard to make it awesome, just a little bit of creativity. What matters most is how you use your imagination to transform the space you have into a beautiful outdoor paradise.

As an expert on the Santa Clarita Valley real estate market for more than 30 years Pam Ingram loves the idea of having a backyard paradise as a place to unwind after a long day. In fact Pam has noted that a number of the new homes in Santa Clarita had paradise in mind when their backyards were constructed.

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