Backyard Landscape Ideas On A Budget

Many people look at their backyard as a place where they can retreat to at the end of a busy day and enjoy some quiet time relaxing with friends and family. However, when all you can see is a yard that is desperately in need of landscaping, it can certainly take the enjoyment out of spending time here. Fortunately, there are some simple measures you can use to help create an attractive area without having to break your budget.

To begin with, you need to consider some of the ways in which you can save money. This means making landscaping decisions that will have a big impact without costing a great deal of money. When you are looking for backyard landscaping ideas on a budget, consider some of the best ways to save money on your project. Of course, often times, some of the biggest expenses in backyard landscaping is buying plants, trees and shrubs. These items can get very expensive; however, if you purchase them when they are young and still small, you can save a considerable amount of money. Yes, you will have to wait for them to grow, but the time you invest will be rewarded in money saved.

Another way to save on landscaping costs is to purchase supplies in the off-season. Many home and garden centers will have huge sales at the end of the season. Stocking up on landscaping essentials during these sales can help you dramatically cut the costs for these items. Mulch, soil and even tools can all be stored over the winter and will be ready for you to use come spring.

When thinking about ways to save on your landscaping budget, be sure to consider the advantages of using grass, flowers, and trees that are indigenous to the area. Drought resistant varieties can be ideal for dry climates and choosing plants according to the amount of sun they need can help ensure that you will not have to replace them next year. Saving money on landscaping means more than just the initial landscaping project, it also should take into account the cost of maintenance, such as watering, and replacement costs. If you are looking for advice on choosing the right plants for your area or you need more budget saving tips, I like what was said here; sometimes the best tips come from other homeowners who have discovered ways to reduce their landscaping costs.

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Backyard Sports Football

What could be nicer than having a nice weekend at home have a picnic and then getting up for some great backyard games. Backyards are great for holding mini games for kids and even adults. They allow the uninhibited space of the outdoors and the privacy of your own home. There are lots of fun games you could play in your backyard. Here are a few games you and your family are sure to enjoy.

1. Hopscotch

Hopscotch is a timeless hopping game that has been with us for centuries. The goal of the game is to make a diagram on the ground which players have to hop into correctly to advance. Although there are hundreds of diagrams to choose from, you could settle for your favorite ones instead. Players take turns hopping through squares that are marked 1 to 8. Players should use one foot unless the square indicates otherwise. Some variations of the game require the players to pick up markers from each square. This game if open to many variations and still retains the fun and excitement of the original.

2. Backyard Sports

Some sports can be played in your backyard. Sports such as badminton, flag football, and backyard basketball can prove to be worth an afternoon of fun for most families. Equipment for such can be pricey or economical; you might have to do a little research on them before purchasing.

3. Duck, Duck Goose

This is only one of a plethora of backyard chasing games you could play in your backyard. In this game, players form a circle sitting on the ground facing one other. The it walks around tapping the other players heads and proclaiming them either a duck or a goose. Once a person is tagged as a goose, he must chase the it around the circle before the it can sit in the place where the goose used to sit. If he is unable to do so, he becomes the it for the next round.

4. Dodgeball

If your backyard has enough space, dodge would prove to be a timeless, fun, and exciting sport to play. Two teams play this game. The it team will have players on both sides of the field, while the other team will have players in the middle of the field. The it teams goal is to hit the other teams member with a ball. If the player is hit, he has to leave the field. The game goes on until there are no more players in the middle field, then the teams switch. Teams could implement a scoring competition based on such.

5. Baby If You Love Me Smile

For those who are not looking for an athletic afternoon, this game will fit the bill. Have the players form a circle and put one it in the middle. The it then approaches the other players and asks them Honey, If You Love Me Smile. The player approached should reply Honey, I Love You, But I Just Cant Smile. The goal of the it is to make the player smile while saying this. The it may do a variety of funny faces and other strategies as long as there is no contact. Or, if the players agree, allow limited physical contact.

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Backyard Basketball Court Ideas

An outdoor basketball court is a superbly effective use of spare space in any large backyard, as well as a fun place for both adults and children to socialize and enjoy themselves. Whether you are planning on playing an aggressive team game or instead taking part in a laid back pick-up game with friends after work has finished, basketball is great because it lets players of every age and ability have an opportunity to shine. If you are interested in having your own dream residential basketball court installed in your front garden, backyard or driveway, or even in a school playground, gym or public park, there are many aspects to bear in mind before buying.

“Great players are willing to give up their own personal achievement for the achievement of the group. It enhances everybody.” – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Some basic factors will go into planning where your personalized basketball court will be situated, such as sizing up the layout dimensions, choosing a suitable flooring surface, and picking an appropriate basketball goal. For those who are busy weighing up the options of whether or not to buy a basketball court for their garden area, you must always research prices online after you have chosen a suitable budget. You should remember that going over-budget is never a good idea, so always try to stick to an already agreed upon financial plan as closely as you possibly can.

Before your backyard basketball court is professionally installed, you should always make inquiries about the common dimensions for a full court basketball configuration. By doing such an investigation, you will be able to establish how large of a court can be installed in the available space. Ask yourself how much space do you have, but be realistic in your plans.

“You don’t play against opponents, you play against the game of basketball.” – Bobby Knight

It is prudent to shop around for specific products, and never be afraid of comparing prices between stores. Ask yourself how much you can invest in such an undertaking, because prices vary immensely from state to state. This is dependent on the size of the court, the type of surface that is installed, and the type of goal you want. For example, wooden court surfaces are traditionally utilized indoors, while more technologically advanced court surfaces are best for premium indoor basketball courts. Another option that professional court installation teams may offer you can alter the price range of your sports court setup service: the ability to emblazon large-scale logos or custom-made images onto the court’s surface. Many homeowners prefer investing in durable, hard-wearing court surface materials with long warranties; so that they receive the most long-lasting value from the court they choose.

Another thing to consider is who will be using your court. Will the court be utilized primarily by adult men who are highly competitive? Or perhaps it’s only going to be used by groups of young children looking to learn how to play the game from scratch? The reason to ask yourself this key question is to make sure that the court is suitably set up. For example, a variable hoop with a free-throw line is great for kids to use, but serious players will require a three-point line so they can cultivate their long field goal shots. Families interested in a sports court installation tend to opt for multi-purpose courts that are constructed from shock-absorbing materials that are more responsive to their knees.

“A lot of late nights in the gym, a lot of early mornings, especially when your friends are going out, you’re going to the gym. Those are the sacrifices that you have to make if you want to be an NBA basketball player.” – Jason Kidd

Homecourt Sports offers cutting edge court construction products for badminton, roller hockey and basketball hoops. We offer residential multi-purpose sports courts and gym flooring for indoor and exterior commercial uses. Our St. Louis tennis courts, shuffleboard courts and basketball courts employ innovative technological advancements so we can offer you a more comfortable surface to play on. For more information about the expert gym flooring and sports court installation services we offer to the residents of Missouri and Illinois, please visit our website at or, alternatively, you can call us at 1-866-51-COURT today.

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Best Backyard Mosquito Control

Where do mosquitoes hide in your yard? Mosquito control basics 101 includes knowing your enemy: where they hide in your garden or yard and then how to tackle them in their own environment. You can spray your entire backyard with mosquito repellant, but it will not have a lasting effect if you don’t know where they are hiding from you!

Before understanding their habits, you must first understand them. When are they most active and where do they go at other times. Where do they go at night, or even during the day when it rains or it is hot? What type of weather do mosquitoes like and where do they hide when the weather doesn’t suit them? We are not going to discuss entomology here, but the tips we provide are valid nonetheless.

Where do Mosquitoes Hide

Mosquitoes do not like cold weather. They are insects, and therefore cold-blooded. They like warm weather, as much as 80 degrees or over, and cannot function properly below 50 degrees. Some species appear to thrive in Alaska and Siberia, but you should only be concerned with the species indigenous to your area.

They are attracted initially by the carbon dioxide you breathe out and the chemicals in your sweat. They can be attracted from up to 75 feet away. They then home in on you by your body heat. Dark clothing absorbs and retains heat, so wear light colors during mosquito season.

Apart from that, where do they hide when you cannot see them? That’s what’s important to you if you are trying to control them around your home. The answer to that is fundamentally anywhere they feel safe and comfortable. They like shade and humidity rather than bright sunlight. That’s why you tend not to see them during the day, but more in early morning and dusk – though this is not a hard and fast rule!

Long grass and extensive shrubbery are popular, as are the underside of the leaves of bushes, trees and other plants. They also tend to hide on the underside of open drainpipes, in barns and open sheds – in fact anywhere that they are not exposed to the sun and the conditions are warm, dank, humid and preferably still. They abhor winds.

How to Control MosquitoesMisting Systems

By knowing where they hide it is possible to control mosquitoes by selectively spraying these areas. If you know of an area in your yard where these insects tend to congregate during the day and night, then a good spray with mosquito repellant will control them temporarily. However, you will never get them all, and one female can lay up to 300 eggs every 3-4 days during her 6-8 week lifespan.

What you need is as near to a catch-all solution as you can get. A misting system generates a mist of insecticide, usually permethrin, which coats the underside of foliage and other areas where mosquitoes hide.This lasts 3 weeks, after which it is reapplied. There are automatic mosquito misting systems available to effect maximum control over extended periods.


Where do mosquitoes hide? That might be a good question, but what do you do once you have the answer? As stressed above, these insects hide anywhere out of bright sunlight and winds, preferably in warm and humid conditions. By identifying such areas in your yard, carrying out an initial zapping session with a mosquito spray, and then maintaining control with a mosquito control misting system, you will have the best chance of keeping your yard or garden free of these annoying, and often dangerous, insects.

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