Backyard Wedding Invitations

A backyard wedding is so much fun and great to plan. You can really be creative when planning your backyard wedding. You need to make sure you are careful when you plan so that you don’t run into problems.

If you don’t want to plan the backyard wedding yourself, you can always hire a wedding planner. Wedding planners plan backyard weddings all the time so they know what to be careful with and what you need to have so your wedding will be perfect.

If you plan to prepare your backyard wedding yourself, here are some tips you can use.

You will want to be careful of the date you choose when you plan to have a backyard wedding. Rain and wind can cause problems, so you will want to plan your wedding accordingly. Of course, the weather is unpredictable so you will need to make sure you have a back up plan just in case.

The first thing you need to be very clear about when you are planning your backyard wedding is the number of people you invite. You are limited on the space and the number of chairs you can have, so you don’t want to invite too many guests and not have enough chairs. The worst thing you can do is have your guests stand during the ceremony.

When you are planning your backyard wedding, you will want to rent a tent so your guests will have shade. In the summer, it can be very hot and the clothes you and your guests will be wearing can make it even hotter. So the tent will help shade them from the sun and get some relief as well.

Decorating is minimal when you have a backyard wedding. You will have chairs for your guests so you won’t have pews to decorate. You may not be able to have a candelabra so that will be another expense you won’t have. Flowers are another thing you won’t have too many of since you will be outside.

The dresses your bridesmaids wear will also need to go with the atmosphere. You may consider spaghetti strap or strapless dresses to help keep them cooler with the warm temps. It’s a little more difficult with the men since they will need to wear a tux. You can help by eliminating the vest that goes under the jacket and have them wear short sleeve shirts rather than long sleeve ones.

You will also need to be careful with your cake, drinks, and food for your reception. Most brides who plan backyard weddings plan for the reception at the same location. This will save you money because you won’t have the rental expense of a reception hall, but you have to be careful with the food. You don’t want it to go bad before your guests get a chance to eat it. You will want to keep it refrigerated for as long as possible.

Planning backyard weddings can be so much fun. They are so beautiful and you have many more options that you may not be able to do in a church. There are things you have to be careful with, but in the long run you will be so happy that you chose to have your wedding outside. Backyard weddings can also save you money because you won’t have too much decorating to do, you won’t have the cost of renting a hall for the reception, and you won’t have the cost of the church. Planning a backyard wedding is the way to go!

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Backyard Paver Designs

Creating a new thought grabs immense views in modern exterior decoration. Exterior, because the idea no longer consists into basements. Now, some promising designers are pulling the kitchen design in man cave pattern on the backyard. Alfresco became the right spot for designing a beautiful kitchen with fluorescent elements and entertaining feeling. Here, you can be introduced with bunches of buzzing designs and patterns.

Why backyard kitchen?

The reason of making a backyard kitchen might be anything. It depends on the owners. Mainly, outside kitchens have some benefits and readers should know that to get into the focus.

Outside kitchens are very profitable for get-together occasions. People can be gathered in your home and the backyard kitchen’s open view would entertain them with the menu. Grilling is better in outside rather than an interior kitchen. Most of the food hazards like, oil scars, spice spots and others can be assembled out of the interior. Thus, the people can keep their interior clean. Backyard kitchens used to heat the human in winter. In summer they can spend evenings with wines and snacks. Man cave structure gives a cozy feeling and owners can keep in touch with various moods through music, poem, theater, and books.

Yellow River Granite:

If you are going to remodel or design (new) your backyard man cave, then yellow river granite can be a great tool. Now, you can apply your choices in rustic style kitchen designs. Slate tile category creates affection around the outside. The rustic gold panels are bold and boisterous. Owners can achieve a lively and long lasting kitchen at the back of their house. Yellow River granite would build an adorable fire-pit in the center of the kitchen space. As the granite tile is made of the natural stone material, therefore people can enjoy the original health and beauty for years with sealant coating.

Canyon Creek stacked stone:

Whether you are focusing on the entertainment most then choose a dazzling pattern. Some sports bar sort of mood can be included with the man cave styled kitchen. Use big marble slabs of gold based colors. A couch in front of the hanging TV wall can create some beautiful time. Owners can watch the cricket, football or basketball matches with some snacks and drinks. The backyard space should have an airy structure that can make the summer comfortable without air condition machines. In winter the fireplace would take an important place to cater warm feeling. You can design the fire surround with the exclusive color tone of gold and gray of Canyon Creek Stacked Stone.

Tuscany Beige Travertine Pavers:

If you desired for a private and cozy space to pass the personal time, then tuck the lay back feeling all around the space. A little space with a natural stone material of neutral color (gray, beige or ass) would precious to obtain the objective. Rustic beam wooden beam use creates separated sections on the upper visual. At lower part, you can apply Tuscany Pave Travertine Pavers to maintain a low-key feeling. Add a real rug under the ass colored couch. Stacked stone wall covers would lift the kitchen backsplash, fireplace and TV wall décor a ton.

California Gold Slate Flagstones:

As per some designers, a backyard kitchen can be the new man cave. People should be very near to the nature from their outside kitchen. It spreads the most relaxed feeling with fresher air and spacious comfort arrangements. California Gold Slate Flagstone’s panels are the perfect choice for the floors. The fluorescent appearance of the slabs is mounted for its exotic color combination (gold, brown and gray). The random use of this natural stone on the floor can adore the naturalistic feeling. Using stones on the cabinet would accomplish your dream of drinking a martini in the lush.

Silver Travertine Pavers:

Silver travertine pavers design on the floor, wooden cabinets with cream color coat and white stone countertops can gather your focus in cooking. You can install the modern cooking materials to experiment the worldwide dishes. It would have a fun time under the sun. You can get into a high-end deign with stainless steel appliances in such kitchen. The open and airy ambiance boosts up the inner soul for cooking.

Thus, you may achieve extensive cooking abilities. The silver travertine pavers are durable and it resists the moistures, heat, and rainwater dauntlessly. Therefore, you can achieve longtime satisfactions with one-time investments.

For backyard kitchen design a huge range of products is available. Go to mosaic collection and find the suitable one. Mosaics and Tile deals with a mighty collection of tiles, pavers, stacked stone and much more.

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How To Get Rid Of A Skunk In Your Backyard

It is well documented that owls can reduce rodent populations by 75% or more! Their natural ability to control disease-carrying root-gnawing mice, rats, moles, voles, gophers and other costly rodents makes owls an indispensable addition to your property. Owls rely on their keen nighttime vision, but also use their highly-developed sense of hearing to locate prey. So how do I go about making my backyard an owl-friendly place?

Keep in mind that if you have set out toxic rodent baits to kill rodent critters, you will be poisoning the owls as well. Owls can become so weak and debilitated by the toxic effects that they are rendered incapable of hunting, eating or defending themselves. It’s a slow and painful certain death sentence that can only be reversed if the owl is rescued in time, and given Vitamin K to combat the anticoagulants in rodent baits.

In fact, your family pet is also in jeopardy if it consumes rodents that have eaten these highly toxic rodenticides. The reason is that the rodent baits work very slowly on the rat, mouse or other critter by causing its blood to become so thin that it bleeds to death. So be sure that you have removed any and all rodent poisons and baits before you seek to attract owls to your backyard.

The best and most logical way to attract owls is to mimic their preferred habitat to the best of your ability.

1. Do Not Use Toxic Chemicals on your lawn, gardens, trees, shrubs, or orchard! Birds are nature’s pest patrol. Let the predators take care of the prey for you. That’s what they were designed to do, and they do it very well if we let them. And that includes everything from insects to weeds to rodents. Organic and natural pest controls are a much better and safer choice.

2. Owls like to use cavities in large trees, and will use old hawk’s nests, abandoned buildings with open access and lofts in farm buildings in which to nest. If you own a tall outbuilding such as a shed with an open loft area, leaving the upper door open might entice an owl to nest in it. Owls breed from mid-March right through mid-May.

3. If you don’t have any tall trees or suitable outbuildings nearby, consider installing owl nesting boxes. They are easy to construct and can be mounted from 8′ and higher. That height will discourage any starlings from using the box. Add dry leaves, dried pine needles, wood shavings or clean rabbit bedding from the pet store to the bottom of the nesting box to a depth of 3″. This will cushion the owl’s eggs and make the nest box easier to clean.

4. It is not hard to ‘call an owl in’ to you. If you have heard owls hooting nearby, you can answer their call. They will come to investigate. If they find your owl nesting box or other good place to nest, they will gladly accept your generous offer. Do not, however, continuously mimic them. In that case they can become confused at not finding an owl at the other end of the ‘hoots’ that you are emitting! Their frustration might lead them away from your property.

Owls perch on high during the day to sleep, and then descend on open grassy or wooded areas at night to hunt. If you have gardens, then you have rodents. If you have rodents, you will be able to attract owls by following the suggestions listed above.

A word of warning though: if you have small outdoor cats, it would be wise not to let them out at night. Larger birds, like the Great Horned Owls will hunt prey as large as porcupines, skunks and rabbits. Owls are silent because of the curvature and softness of their extremely lightweight feathers. Their stealth and the element of surprise, as well as their keen eyesight and sense of hearing, are the keys to their success as hunters.

Free Instructions for Building Owl Nest Boxes:

Connie Smith is the proud owner and manager of Grandma Pearl’s Backporch, LLC, and the expert author of many online articles about easy and unique ways you can create the best bird-friendly habitats to help wild birds survive and thrive. Discover how to create fun and safe backyard habitats for wild birds using their preferred plants and foods, while adding color, fragrance and beauty to your landscape. Find simple how-to projects for making your own unique bird feeders; and learn how easy it is to attract a variety of birds to your yard and gardens. Visit today!

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Backyard Graduation Party

The end of the year is almost here! For many parents, their child’s graduation from any of the Catholic high schools is a bittersweet time. You are proud of everything your children have accomplished, but are sad to see them leave the nest. Send them off to college in style with a safe and fun high school graduation party. Follow these simple tips to make sure everyone will have a good time and return home safely.

1. Decide on a Day and Time. Many graduation parties include parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and peers. Sit down with your graduate to decide when he or she would like to schedule a party. Take into consideration how many family members will need to travel to attend and over how far a distance. Sometimes it is better to plan two different parties – one for the family members and one for friends.

2. Figure Out a Budget. The budget will rule the entire event – from the guest list and location to food and party favors. If you have a small budget, consider inviting a few close family and friends to a backyard barbecue or have your student choose a couple of close friends for a fun dinner at a favorite restaurant.

3. Choose a Location. The location will help you plan the rest of the party. Likely your options range from your backyard or a campground to a hotel or amusement park. Consider letting your student plan a half and half party – the graduate spends half the day with family members and the other half with friends and peers.

4. Create the Guest List. This is an important step toward making the party a safe one. Sit down with your son or daughter and explain to them that parents and other adults will be present at the party. Likely, you can offer a compromise by throwing a small “parent party” at the same location as the student party – close enough to make sure everyone is safe, but far enough to allow the students a sense of independence. Stress that your student is not to invite anyone that you do not know. This may cause a few complaints, but stand firm. You want to know every student on the guest list and be certain your teen only invites people on the pre-discussed list. This keeps troublemakers from coming to the party and creating problems.

5. Send Out Invitations. Most top private schools and public schools offer personalized invitations for students to purchase. If this seems too pricey, consider making the invitations together or simply send out electronic cards.

6. Set the Menu. The menu should reflect the location. For example, if you are hosting a gathering in the backyard, you could fire up the grill. If your student wants to rent a hotel ballroom, you can have the event catered.

7. Decorate! Arrive at the venue early and unleash your creative side. Enlist the help of your grad to make the party unique and special. Don’t stick with the old standbys of crepe paper and balloons – branch out by making posters of funny baby pictures and having a guest book or t-shirt for friends to sign. You will be able to find inexpensive decorations at dollar stores or even garage sales.

8. Encourage Your Student to Greet Guests. After all it is the grad’s party! This is a great chance for your student to play host or hostess for the first time. Have the graduate introduce guests who do not know each other, and encourage him or her to make sure everything is running smoothly throughout the night.

9. Take Lots of Photos. Likely, this is one of the last times these friends will all be together, so make sure your child will be able to remember it! You may get a few eye rolls and scowls, but in a few years your grad will thank you.

10. Speaking of Thank You… Don’t let your child forget to send out thank you notes. The graduate should send notes to everyone who helped to plan and execute the party as well as to everyone who brought gifts and to those who attended.

Follow these tips for a graduation party that you and your student will always remember!

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